Japanese / English

 pleasant experience for everyone


  • We are a cozy studio holding up to 15 people
  • There are 2 showers in the women’s changing room 
  • There is 1 shower in the men’s changing room
  • There are 2 toilets
  • We provide you with a yoga mat & 1 towel every practice
  • Please bring an extra towel for showering or you can rent one for ¥ 100
  • Please bring your own water or you can purchase a small bottle for ¥ 150 or a large bottle for  ¥ 300
  • There are small lock boxes for your valuables
  • Please refrain from using perfume throughout the space
  • Please refrain from using your mobile phone throughout the space


  • We have limited parking…please note when facing the building: 
                       –  on the right there are 1 spots to use anytime
                       –  on the left there are 2 spots to use anytime on the weekend
  • The sidewalk & street in front of the studio are busy, please be aware of your surroundings…we are not responsible for damage


  • Every Saturday at 12pm, Tuesday at 7pm & Friday at 10am class is taught in English
  • We will have amended schedules for the New Year’s & Golden Week breaks as well as for public holidays
  • The teacher may change without notice
  • You must be at least 18 years old to practice, but we do make exceptions…please consult with us if you’re under 18
  • Limit 1 class per day